ESPR 2019
Post Graduate Course and Annual Meeting


Scandic Marina Congress Center
Helsinki, Finnland


Post Graduate Course – May 14-15, 2019
Annual Meeting – May 16-18, 2019

Scientific Programme

The ESPR 2019 course builds on the spirit of previous years and we look forward to an international discussion with renowned experts.
Highlighted topics to come:

> Radiation protection and optimization
> Chest imaging: optimisation of x-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI
> Congenital heart disease
> Gastrointestinal imaging: MRI, US, techniques and surgery

> Musculoskeletal imaging including prone 3D-imaging, MRI and ultrasound, elbow
> Vascular malformations: imaging and radiological treatment
> Fetal imaging: neuro, cardiac, body and physics
> Oncological MRI: primary diagnostics and followup

> Neuroradiology: neonatal and acute MRI
> Trauma: FAST and SLOW
> Radiographers and sonographers program

Junior Grant Application

Educational Grants to support attendance to ESPR

The ESPR sponsor 30 junior grants of 800 Euro to support attendance of young people to the 2019 meeting in Helsinki. It will cover not only the registration fees but also a relevant part of your travel costs. Refunds will be processed after the congress. If not a ESPR member, the grant awardees will also get free ESPR membership for the calendar year 2019 (with online access to Pediatric Radiology journal.)

Application Requirements

  • The grants are only available for radiologists in training. Training status needs to be confirmed by a written, dated and signed letter from the applicant’s training coordinator/supervisor/head of training.
  • The applicant must be 35 years or younger.

Application Deadline: February 28, 2019

How to Apply?

  1. DOWNLOAD ESPR Junior Grant Application Form.
    Please provide a signed dated letter from your training supervisor/director/head of training confirming your current training status and position.
  2. Send both, the application form & the letter confirming your training status, to office@espr.org with the heading “Junior grant application for ESPR”.
  3. The ESPR board will consider the applications after the closing date and will respond by email once all applications have been reviewed by the evaluation committee and final decisions have been taken.Every applicant to the ESPR grants (successful or not) will pay the early fee for registration (no matter when they register).
    Every applicant that will receive the ESPR grant MUST attend the JESPER walking tour + drink on Thursday evening.


Postgraduate Course

Directed to the radiologists working with children, soon graduating and the ones already having hands on experience.

Annual Meeting

Offers keynote lectures followed by new knowledge in the form of scientific abstracts, also educational and ESPR Taskforce sessions.

Combined Registration

enjoy both, the Post Graduate/Radiographer Course and the Annual Meeting.



For you, we have blocked a number of rooms at the Scandic Grand Marina Hotel, just a few steps from the congress venue.


We would be delighted to welcome you as our industry partner.
For possible options to cooperate and to participate in the meeting, kindly contact the ESPR 2019 office.

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