We are happy to provide you herewith the our new FULL PROGRAMME OVERVIEW.

Including all speakers, moderators and highlights of this year’s ESPR Annual Meeting.


Room 1 - Post Graduate Course

Moderators: K. Lauerma, Helsinki/FI; P. Wood, Helsinki/FI

09:00 Welcome of the ESPR Congress President
K. Lauerma, Helsinki/FI
09:10 Welcome
H. Kalliomäki, Helsinki/FI
09:20 Practical issues
R. Seuri, Helsinki/FI
09:30 Imaging strategies and radiation exposure in paediatric multitrauma
R. Kivisaari, Helsinki/FI; M. Kortesniemi, Helsinki/FI


1. Chest
Moderators: C. Owens, London/UK; E. Svedström, Turku/FI

10:30 Interstitial lung diseases – An update
C. Owens, London/UK
11:00 US of the lung
V. Dermentzoglou, Athina/GR
11:30 MRI of the lung
S.B. Görkem, Kayseri/TR


2. Abdomen
Moderators: S. Robben, Maastricht/NL; A. Ruuskanen, Kuopio/FI

13:00 Imaging strategies in acute abdomen – The newborn, the toddler and the adolescent child
S. Robben, Maastricht/NL
13:30 Imaging IBD – An update
T. Watson, London/UK
14:00 Focal liver lesions
P. Petit, Marseille/FR


3. Paediatric trauma imaging
Moderators: R. Kivisaari, Helsinki/FI; L-S. Ording-Müller, Oslo/NO

15:00 The role of ultrasound in paediatric trauma: From FAST to SLOW
R. Kivisaari, Helsinki/FI
15:30 Contrast enhanced ultrasound in blunt abdominal trauma
M. Stenzel, Cologne/DE
16:00 Paediatric trauma CT
K. Johnson, Birmingham/UK


4. Genitourinary diseases
Moderators: T.A. Augdal, Tromso/NO; B. Damasio, Genoa/IT

17:00 Imaging in UTI
B. Damasio, Genoa/IT
17:30 The pediatric ovaries: An overview

L-S. Ording-Müller, Oslo/NO
18:00 Imaging the testes: Torsion and beyond
S. Kapanen, Ylöjärvi/FI

Room 2 - Radiographer Course

1. Communication
Moderators: A. Henner, Oulu/FI; J. Portelli, Msida/MT

10:30 Child and cancer
F. Schmitt, Turku/FI
11:00 Radiation dose and risk
T. Siiskonen, Helsinki/FI
11:30 Benefit-risk communication in paediatric radiology
J. Portelli, Msida/MT


2. Paediatric trauma
Moderators: B. Snaith, Bradford/UK; P. Wood, Helsinki/FI

13:00 Imaging suspected physical abuse
B.R. Mussman, Odense/DK
13:30 Reporting radiographer in paediatric trauma imaging
B. Snaith, Bradford/UK
14:00 Reporting radiographer; Education also from abroad
J. Huhtanen, Turku/FI


3. Image quality
Moderators: J. Castillo, Fgura/MT; P. Wood, Helsinki/FI

15:00 Imaging parameters and image quality in digital radiography
H. Matikka, Kuopio/FI
15:30 Assessing image quality in radiography
M. Wirtanen, Helsinki/FI
16:00 Improving quality of chest radiographs in infants to optimize diagnostic accuracy
J. Bøge Steinmeier Larsen, Aarhus/DK


4. Dose optimization
Moderators: A. Henner, Oulu/FI; H. Niiniviita, Turku/FI

17:00 DRLs as a tool for optimization – Recent guidelines
R. Seuri, Helsinki/FI
17:30 Exposure Indexes as a tool for the radiographer
T. Hyppänen, Helsinki/ FI


Room 1 - Post Graduate Course

5. Head and neck
Moderators: M. Raissaki, Heraklion/GR; P. Tanskanen, Oulu/FI

08:30 Neck masses: When ultrasound is enough?
M. Perhomaa, Oulu/FI
09:00 Neck lymphadenopathy and solid masses: Benign or malignant
B. Tilea, Paris/FR
09:30 Thyroid ultrasound
M. Raissaki, Heraklion/GR


6. Vascular anomalies
Moderators: K. Kyrklund, Hyvinkää/FI; L. Martelius, Helsinki/FI

10:30 Basics of vascular malformations – From Correct Diagnosis to Adequate Treatment
J. Aronniemi, Helsinki/FI; P. Salminen, Helsinki/FI
11:15 Infantile hemangioma and congenital hemangioma: Natural course, differential diagnostics and imaging pitfalls
J. Aronniemi, Helsinki/FI; P. Salminen, Helsinki/FI


7. Neuro
Moderators: É. Vázquez Méndez, Barcelona/ES; S. Toiviainen-Salo, Helsinki/FI

13:00 Imaging in hydrocephalus: Diagnosis, monitoring and complications
A. Rossi, Genoa/IT
13:30 Treating hydrocephalus – When and how
A. Karppinen, Helsinki/FI
14:00 CNS emergencies in children: Do not miss lesions and entities
É. Vázquez Méndez, Barcelona/ES


8. Fetal imaging and postnatal correlation
Moderators: M. Cassart, Brussels/BE; R. Seuri, Helsinki/FI

15:00 Fetal brain in second trimester
C. Garel, Paris/FR
15:30 Fetal pulmonary anomalies: Prenatal imaging and postnatal correlation
M. Cassart, Brussels/BE
16:00 How to approach fetal abdominal tumors?
F. Avni, Brussels/BE


9. Organ transplantation
Moderators: I. Apine, Riga/LV; J. Herrmann, Hamburg/DE

17:00 Radiological follow-up of transplanted liver
J. Herrmann, Hamburg/DE
17:30 CEUS in organ transplantation
A. Deganello, London/UK

Room 2 - Radiographer Course

08:30-10:00 5. Quality improvement Moderators: E. Metsälä, Helsinki/FI; G. Paulo, Coimbra/PT

08:30 Self assessment in quality improvement K. Miettunen, Vantaa/FI 09:00 Establishment of national DRLs G. Paulo, Coimbra/PT 09:30 Establishment of local DRLs in Riga children´s hospital I. Apine, Riga/LV

10:30-12:00 6. CT Moderators: U. Nikupaavo, Helsinki/FR; D. Pecarovic, Ljubljana/SI

10:30 Things to consider in pediatric CT – Patient preparation and protocol J. Mannila, Helsinki/FI 11:00 Optimization of CT parameters D. Pecarovic, Ljubljana/SI 11:30 Patient positioning, image quality and dose T. Kaasalainen, Helsinki/FI

13:00-14:30 7. MRI Moderators: J. Castillo, Fgura/MT; M. Takala, Helsinki/FI

13:00 MRI safety J. Castillo, Fgura/MT 13:30 MRI contrast agents A. Cradock, Dublin/IE 14:00 Alternatives to sedation in paediatric MRI J. Gårdling, Lund/SE

15:00-16:30 8. Tips and tricks in conventional radiography Moderators: J.M. Grehan, Dublin/IE; E. Saukko, Turku/FI

15:00 Immobilization in paediatric radiography M. Puolakanaho, Oulu/FI 15:30 Imaging the child with special needs J.M. Grehan, Dublin/IE 16:00 Mistakes in radiography that increase dose; What to avoid A. Henner, Oulu/FI

17:00-18:00 9. Dental panorama Moderators: A. Henner, Oulu/FI; A. Sipola, Oulu/FI

17:00 Acceptable image quality T. Pakkala, Helsinki/FI 17:30 Tips to lower dose in dental panorama A. Sipola, Oulu/FI


Room 1 - Annual Meeting

Opening ceremony
Moderators: K. Lauerma, Helsinki/FI; K. Rosendahl, Oslo/NO

08:30 Welcome from the ESPR Society President
K. Rosendahl, Oslo/NO
08:40 Welcome note from the Finnish Association of Radiologists
S. Suoranta, Kuopio/FI
08:50 Welcome note from STUK
R. Bly, Helsinki/FI
09:00 Guest lecture: Meeting the sick child and his parents
F. Schmitt, Turku/FI
09:50 Practical guidance and remarks
R. Seuri, Helsinki/FI


Scientific Session: MSK 1
Moderators: I. Barber, Esplugues de Llobregat/ES; L.-S. Ording-Müller, Oslo/NO

10:30 Keynote: Sport injuries in the spine
I. Barber, Esplugues de Llobregat/ES
10:55 Volume ultrasound imaging of the neonatal hip
P. Henman, Newcastle upon Tyne/UK
11:04 Applicability of magnetic resonance imaging for bone age estimation in the context of medical issues.
D. Vogele, Ulm/DE
11:13 Subperiosteal hemorrhage due to inflicted trauma: An uncommon and under-recognized injury on MR and x-ray
J. Zember, Washington/US
11:22 Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Avulsion Injuries: An Under- recognized and Underestimated Injury in Children and Adolescents
D. Jarrett, Boston/US
11:31 Three-dimensional morphometric assessment of the face with “black bone” magnetic resonance imaging
J. Aguet, Zurich/CH
11:40 MRI Imaging of autosomal recessive osteopetrosis (ARO) : findings at diagnosis and outcomes after treatment
F. Zennaro, Trieste/IT
11:49 Bone marrow signal on Whole Body MRI in healthy, asymptomatic children. Establishing novel reference standards
P. Zadig, Tromso/NO
11:58 Discussion


Scientific Session: Chest
Moderators: P. Ciet, Rotterdam/NL; L. Martelius, Helsinki/FI

13:00 Keynote: Spirometry-guided HRCT of the lung
P. Ciet, Rotterdam/NL
13:25 Spontaneous pneumothorax in pediatric age group
Ö.Ö. Yavuz, Ankara/TR
13:35 Level of Narrowing and Adenoid & Palatine Tonsil Hypertrophy detected by Dynamic MRI in Paediatric OSA Patients Without Prior Surgery
W.P. Cheung, Hong Kong/HK
13:45 Diffuse Lung Disease Associated with Neurofibromatosis Type-1 in Children
A. Bartoloni, Rome/IT
13:55 Quantitative computed tomography of normal lung development in newborn and infants
C. Barrera, Philadelphia/US
14:05 Comparison of Thorax Ultrasound with Chest X-Ray in Childhood Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia
S.B. Gorkem, Kayseri/TR
14:15 Failure to re-position in the arms on portable NICU chest radiograph mimicks lamellar effusion – A quality assurance project
C. Barrera, Philadelphia/US
14:25 Discussion


Scientific Session: Scientific Session: Outreach and post mortem
Moderators: A. Föhr, Helsinki/FI; W. Hirsch, Leipzig/DE

15:00 Keynote: Lung MRI – Technique, applications and future prospects
W. Hirsch, Leipzig/DE
15:25 Post-Mortem Computed Tomography (PMCT) Diagnostic Accuracy in Children
S. Shelmerdine, London/UK
15:35 Visualisation of the fetal bowel on post mortem magnetic resonance imaging scans
G. Hyde, Sheffield/UK
15:45 Development of an Integrated Simulator Program (ISP) utilizing PACS to provide a means for competency-based assessment of pediatric residents
D.A. Castro, Toronto/CA
15:55 Development of a reliable grading scheme to utilize when evaluating radiology resident reports
D.A. Castro, Toronto/CA
16:05 Is it necessary to perform perinatal autopsy after antenatal ultrasound and post-mortem MRI (PMMR)?
S. Shelmerdine, London/UK
16:15 Applications of Deep Learning in Radiology and Pediatric Radiology
I.Ö. Koska, Izmir/TR
16:25 Discussion


General Assembly
> For active ESPR members!

Room 2 - Annual Meeting

Taskforce Session: Fetal Imaging 2
Moderator: F. Avni, Brussels/BE

10:30 Presentation of the European Network of Fetal Imaging
C. Garel, Paris/FR; M. Cassart, Brussels/BE
10:50 Fetal neuro MRI – State of the art in the second trimester
É. Vázquez Méndez, Barcelona/ES
11:10 Fetal neuro MRI – State of the art in the third trimester
M. Cassart, Brussels/BE; C. Garel, Paris/FR
11:30 Fetal body imaging – About 3 clinical cases
G. Colleran, Dublin/IE; M. Kyncl, Prague/CZ; C. Sofia, Messina/IT


Scientific Session: Vascular and abdominal
Moderators: S. Diaz Ruiz, Stockhom/SE, R. Seuri, Helsinki/FI

13:00 Keynote: Diagnostic tools for congenital lymphatic disorders; Modern time lymphography
13:25 Keynote: Thoracic duct embolization; Indications and technical aspects
P. Gerwins, Uppsala/SE
13:50 Two reader robustness assessment on 2D and 3D MR in anorectal malformations
L. Breysem, Leuven/BE
13:56 Long-term outcome of stent graft placement for treatment of extrahepatic congenital portosystemic shunt in children
F. Thomas-Chausse, Montreal/CA
14:02 Small Bowel Ultrasound: A first rate, first choice, first line imaging modality for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the paediatric population
J. Bretherton, London/UK
14:08 Sonographic enema (“hydrocolon“) for the assessment of colonic pathology: Case series to demonstrate the feasibility in neonates and infants
E. Nagy, Graz/AT
14:14 Measurement of liver stiffness in children using GE 2D-shear wave elastography: Effect of breath-holding and free-breathing
Y.J. Cho, Seoul/KR
14:20 Accuracy of CTA and MRA in the evaluation of mid-aortic syndrome
F. Thomas-Chausse, Montreal/CA
14:26 Discussion


Scientific Session: Abdomen 1
Moderators: E. Tyrväinen, Kuopio/FI

15:00 Evaluation of Periarticular Soft Tissues with Superb Microvasculer Imaging and Shear Wave Elastography in Patients with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Z. Bayramoglu, Istanbul/TR
15:15 Ultrasound features of complicated Meckel’s diverticulum in children: About 55 cases
J. Eulliot, Montpellier/FR
15:30 Added Value of Bowel Sonography in Pediatric Acute Abdominal Pain – The Rambam Experience
A. Ilivitzki, Haifa/IL
15:45 Capsule endoscopy versus MR Enterography for the evaluation of small bowel Crohn’s disease in children
J-Y. Hwang, Busan/KR
16:00 Diagnostic reference levels in paediatric fluoroscopy: How does a district general hospital compare with 2018 European guidelines?
E. Ashworth, London/UK
16:15 Sarcopenia as a predictor of severity of disease in children with primary sclerosing cholangitis
E. Vainberg, Jerusalem/IL
16:24 Discussion


Room 1 - Annual Meeting

Jacques Lefèbvre Lecture
Moderators: K. Lauerma, Helsinki/FI

From image quality to care outcome
M. Kortesniemi, Helsinki/FI


Scientific Session: Urinary tract
Moderators: K. Darge, Philadelphia/US; T. Pöyhiä, Helsinki/FI

08:30 Keynote: CEUS in urinary tract anomalies
K. Darge, Philadelphia/US
08:55 Keynote: MRI in urinary tract anomalies
J.D. Grattan-Smith, Atlanta/US
09:20 SPR talk
Speaker tba
09:28 Age-adjusted Normal Enhancement Curves in Children Undergoing Functional MR Urography
H. Otero, Philadelphia/US
09:36 Diagnostic imaging options in patients with anorectal malformations, their reliability and benefits
D. Maslava, Prague/CZ
09:44 Contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography (ceVUS) for vesicoureteral reflux detection in children-Pilot Study
P. Pavicevic, Belgrade/RS
09:52 The role of shear wave elastography in predicting the clinical outcome in paediatric patients with nephrotic syndrome
K. Asokan, Delhi/IN


Scientific Session: CT
Moderators: C. Owens, London/UK; E. Sorantin, Graz/AT

10:30 Keynote: Optimization possibilities with older and new scanners
E. Castellano, London/UK
10:55 Keynote: Cardiac CT with older and new scanners
C. Owens, London/UK
11:20 Comparison of different iterative reconstruction techniques and filtered back-projection for the evaluation of the medial clavicular epiphysis
M. Tozakidou, Hamburg/DE
11:28 Algorithmic management of Paediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma
S. Toso, Geneva/CH
11:36 Towards the dream of ultra-low dose CT: AI for super resolution image
I.Ö. Koska, Izmir/TR
11:44 Current Pediatric Radiation Doses from an International Computed Tomography (CT) Dose Registry by Age and Size
S. Yu, San Francisco/S
11:52 Chest radiographs vs Computed Tomography for Detection of RIb FracTures (DRIFT Study)
S. Shelmerdine, London/UK


Scientific Session: Innovation
Moderators: O. Arthurs, London/UK; E. Svedström, Turku/FI

14:00 A method for thickness-based technique selection in computed and digital radiography using depth sensing and computer vision
R. MacDougall, Boston/US
14:07 3D Printed Models of the rib cage in children with non-accidental injury as an effective visual-aid tool
C. Barrera, Philadelphia/US
14:14 Utility of Augmented Reality for Presurgical Planning in Complex Pediatric Elbow Fractures
B. Laguna, San Francisco/US
14:21 Feasibility of 3D Post-mortem Ultrasound in Perinatal Deaths
S. Shelmerdine, London/UK
14:28 Discussion


Scientific Session: Cardiac
Moderators: T. Chung, Oakland/US; K. Lauerma, Helsinki/FI

15:00 Keynote: MRI for the assessment of blood flow; Difficult cases of quantification. How I do it
T. Chung, Oakland/US
15:25 Quantitative analysis of CT-scans for bronchiolitis obliterans in vertically HIV- infected adolescents – Comparison with CT assessment and clinical findings
C. Barrera, Philadelphia/US
15:35 Free-breath T2* mapping for myocardial iron assessment using 3T scanner
E. Nazarova, Moscow/RU
15:45 Systemic ventricular flow pattern disorder in d-TGA patients – A 4D-flow MRI study
F. Callaghan, Zurich/CH
15:55 Paediatric pulmonary ventilation and perfusion maps without contrast agent: A feasibility study on 3T using fourier decomposition
L. Macconi, Florence/IT
16:05 ECMO Reporting: Devlopement of an Educational Training Module and Standardized Reporting Template
A. Hart, Boston/US
16:15 Flow evaluation with 3D cine phase contrast velocity mapping: A multi-vendor comparison study
J. Geiger, Zurich/CH
16:25 Discussion


Scientific Session: Neuro 1
Moderators: P. Bendel, Kuopio/FI; M.H. Lequin, Utrecht/NL

17:00 Keynote: MRI in epilepsy; Technique and findings
M.H. Lequin, Utrecht/NL
17:25 Doppler Imaging in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy: What is the value of the resistivity index with/without compression of the fontanel?
T. Sandgren, Linköping/SE
17:34 CT and multimodal MR Imaging features of Embryonal Tumors with Multilayered rosettes (ETMR) in children
V. Dangouloff-Ros, Paris/FR
17:43 Clinical Feasibility of 1-minute Ultrafast Brain MRI protocol for the Pediatric Neuroimaging: A Single Center Pilot Study
J.Y. Ha, Changwon/KR
17:52 Brain perfusion predicts short term outcome in neonatal hypoxic ischemic injury
S. Saade-Lemus, Philadelphia/US
18:01 Septo-Optic Dysplasia: Time for an official name change?
O. Carney, London/UK
18:10 Optic pathway gliomas: MRI follow-up including imaging with gadolinium-based contrast agent: Accuracy of non-enhancement sequences for diagnosis of progression
J-F. Chateil, Bordeaux/FR
18:19 Performance of Dedicated 1T Neonatal MRI System for Brain Injury Scoring at Term Equivalent Age
N.A. Ata, Jerusalem/IL
18:28 Discussion

Room 2 - Annual Meeting

Scientific Session: Abdomen 2
Moderators: I. Apine, Riga/LV; J. Herrmann, Hamburg/DE

08:30 Keynote: Post transplantation split-liver – imaging
J. Herrmann, Hamburg/DE
08:55 Reduced radiation technique for radiographic evaluation of temporary feeding tube position
S. Kaplan, Philadelphia/US
09:04 Transition from fluoroscopically-guided barium-reduction of ileocolic intussusception to sonographically-guided water-reduction in a tertiary paediatric Hospital
C. Hernández, Seville/ES
09:13 Comparison of trans-temporal 3D ultrasound with cMRI
J. Jürgens, Hamburg/DE
09:22 Preliminary results of liver fat fraction quantification by Ultrasound in children
A. D’Hondt, Brussels/BE
09:31 Radiological appearances and clinical follow-up of focal nodular hyperplasia in children: A review of 71 patients
G. Chambers, Paris/FR
09:40 MRCP in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A retrospective study
K. Patil, Toronto/CA
09:49 Hepatic function assessment on Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI in patients with biliary atresia – Preliminary results
M. Kitami, Miyagi/JP
09:58 Discussion


Taskforce Session: Abdomen 3
Moderators: L-S. Ording-Müller, Oslo/NO; P. Petit, Marseille/FR

10:30 Imaging in biliary atresia
M. Napolitano, Milan/IT
10:52 Intestinal dysmotility
T. Watson, London/UK
11:14 CEUS for intracavitary use
D. Kljucevsek, Ljubljana/SI
11:36 Novel applications in urogenital imaging that also may apply to children
N. Grenier, Bordeaux/FR


Scientific Session: Fetal Imaging 1
Moderators: C. Garel, Paris/FR; S. Toiviainen-Salo, Helsinki/FI

13:00 Keynote: Infection and fetal brain
C. Garel, Paris/FR
13:25 Assessment of the fetal Main Pulmonary Artery Acceleration time/Ejection time ratio as a predictor of neonatal RDS in Diabetic mothers
S. Nayak, New Delhi/IN
13:34 Juxta diaphragmatic extralobar sequestrations: MRI prenatal aspects and postnatal correlations
M. Saguintaah, Montpellier/FR
13:43 Fetal MRI Lung-to-Muscle Signal Intensity Ratio in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: Establishing a Novel Technique
K. Barton, Houston/US
13:52 Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Evaluation of Fetal Brain Perfusion Parameters
J.S. Martin-Saavedra, Philadelphia/US
14:01 Fetal lung volume and lung signal intensity in congenital diaphragmatic hernia
A. Saunders, Sheffield/UK
14:10 The Normal Cavum Septum Pellucidum during Fetal Development
V. MacRow-Wood, Sheffield/UK
14:19 Prenatal Presence of Myelomeningocele Sac Associated with Worse Neurologic Sequela: Evidence for Prenatal Stretch Injury
E. Oliver, Philadelphia/US
14:28 Discussion


Scientific Session: Oncology 1
Moderators: O. Kvist, Stockholm/SE; K. McHugh, London/UK

15:00 Keynote: Imaging of toxicities and complications after cancer treatment in children
K. McHugh, London/UK
15:25 Should chest CT be a requirement at initial diagnosis and staging of pediatric patients with neuroblastoma?
E. Ternovaya, Moscow/RU
15:34 Neuroimaging abnormalities at the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children: Can the radiologist modify the clinical decision?
B. Tilea, Paris/FR
15:43 MR PET imaging of inflammation in paediatric oncology patients
T. Cain, Melbourne/AU
15:52 Thoracic Air-Leak Syndrome Following Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Pediatric Patients
E. Ternovaya, Moscow/RU
16:01 MRI volumetric assesment neurofibromas for the evaluation of the efficacy of mek inhibitors treatment
I. Barber, Barcelona/ES
16:10 The role of MRI for diagnosis of CNS involvement in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
L. Porto, Frankfurt/DE
16:19 MRI evaluation of pancreatic volume and function in pediatric allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT): A retrospective study
F. Zennaro, Trieste/IT
16:28 Discussion


Taskforce Session: Post Mortem Imaging
Moderator: O. Arthurs, London/UK

17:00 Introduction
O. Arthurs, London/UK
17:05 What do families really want?
C. Lewis, London/UK
17:35 Update on PM MR protocols
E. Whitby, Sheffield/UK
18:05 Latest developments in PM imaging
S. Shelmerdine, London/UK
18:35 Taskforce update and next steps
O. Arthurs, London/UK

Room 3 - Annual Meeting

Taskforce Workshop: CT 3 – Group 1

CT Protocols made easy
J. Lorenz, U. Nagl, B. Oppelt, E. Sorantin; Graz/AT


Room 1 - Annual Meeting

Jesper Lecture
Moderators: P. Caro Domínguez, Sevilla/ES; O. Kvist, Stockholm/SE

08:00 Fetal Cardiac MRI
M. Seed, Toronto/CA


Taskforce Session: MSK 2
Moderators: K. Rosendahl, Bergen/NO; L. Tanturri de Horatio, Rome/IT

08:30 Introduction
K. Rosendahl, Bergen/NO
08:35 Imaging assessment of a child presenting with possible inflammatory arthritis: ESPR-ESSR Joint Recommendations
K. Rosendahl, Bergen/NO
08:55 Imaging the temporomandibular joint in children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) A large multicentre study. Preliminary results/MRI
T.A. Augdal, Tromso/NO
09:25 Imaging assessment of osteopenia/osteoporosis in children. An update
A. Offiah, Sheffield/UK
09:45 Discussion


Taskforce Session: Outreach “Imaging in paediatric tropical disease”
Moderators: J. Kasznia-Brown, Taunton/UK; J. Kapur, Singapore/SG

10:30 Hydatid disease
K. McHugh, London/UK
10:45 Emergency brain imaging – Intra-cranial infections
S. Andronikou, Philadelphia/US
11:15 Chest imaging and tuberculosis
K. Chetcuti, Barcelona/ES
11:25 MSK infections and trauma
J. Kasznia-Brown, Taunton/UK
11:40 Distant diagnosis in tropical disease – Tele-radiology and clinical radiology meetings from Philadelphia
H. Otero, Philadelphia/US


Taskforce Session: Child abuse “Back to basics or back to essentials?”
Moderators: A. Offiah, Sheffield/UK; M. Raissaki, Heraklion/GR

13:00 History and examination BEFORE investigation
S. Tupola, Helsinki/FI
13:30 Bones of Contention – Real and Imagined Differential Diagnoses
I. Barber, Esplugues de Llobregat/ES
14:00 The IPR/ESPR White Paper on AHT: Is Anything ever Black or White?
A. Choudhary, Wilmington/US


Closing Ceremony + Awardings
Moderators: K. Lauerma, Helsinki/FI; K. Rosendahl, Bergen/NO

Room 2 - Annual Meeting

Educational Session: Advances and challenges
Moderators: J. Peltonen, Helsinki/FI

08:30 3D printing
L. Gordon Murkes, Stockholm/SE
08:55 3D flat panel-system in OR; Optimization and dose
J. Peltonen, Helsinki/FI
09:20 Dose-management systems – Challenges in paediatrics
H. Niiniviita, Turku/FI
09:45 Discussion


Taskforce session: Oncology 2
Moderators: C. Granata, Genoa/IT

10:30 Introduction “Aims of the taskforce Oncology”
J. Schäfer, Tuebingen/DE
10:35 Whole-body MR in children with cancer: Applications and possible impact on treatment and prognosis”
R.A.J. Nievelstein, Utrecht/NL
10:55 Update on activities of Radiology specialty committee of the SIOPEN
C. Granata, Genoa/IT
11:00 International Neuroblastoma Response Criteria: What is new?
K. McHugh, London/UK
11:10 Staging and response assessment in Neuroblastoma by DWI: Is there a complementary role to 123mIBG?
M. Beer, Ulm/DE
11:25 (Early) response assessment and detection of residual disease in solid small round cell tumours: Do we need 18F-FDG-PET or other tracer?
S. Voss, Boston/US
11:45 Panel discussion
C. Granata, Genoa/IT; T. von Kalle, Stuttgart/DE


Taskforce Session: Neuro 2
Moderators: M. Argyropoulou, Ioannina/GR; J-F. Chateil, Bordeaux/FR

The role of perfusion and diffusion indices for the prediction of paediatric brain tumour grade
G. Alexiou, Ioannina/GR

Room 3 - Annual Meeting

Taskforce Workshop: CT 3 – Group 2

CT Protocols made easy
J. Lorenz, U. Nagl, B. Oppelt, E. Sorantin; Graz/AT